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Author: Rich Rudowske Created: 7/30/2007 9:14 PM
Welcome to the blog! Our family will post updates, musings, and other fun stuff from our experiences in Botswana to work in the ministry of Bible Translation.

One Day Down
By Rich Rudowske on 7/22/2008 1:41 PM

Well the first of nine days of meetings at the office is in the books.  The meetings went well.  The children, tired from traveling and more than a little excited to be at the service center were quite a handful for the childcare crew.  We ask for prayer that Joshua especially will get into a good routine now and settle down some while at the office.  Also that Chris would be willing to engage with the things that the childcare crew is trying to do for fun with the family rather that resisting and complaining of boredom.

Otherwise, all is well - we are settled in some nice housing until the end of July.  Our good friends and colleagues Kory & Cara Fay and Ruthie Lee are right here in the same neighborhood and we are spending some quality fellowship time with them and it is good.

Hope your day is good and that you see God working in your life today.


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The Time Has Arrived
By Rich Rudowske on 7/20/2008 6:01 AM

It's kind of a surreal feeling, but the car is all packed and everyone else is asleep except me just doing a few last preparations for taking the crew on the road for the next month.  To be honest, it doesn't feel much different from most of our other trips except that we know we will do laundry several more times since we'll be gone longer and if we forgot something we won't be back next week to get it. 

After church tomorrow at Saint John's Lutheran Church in Ellisville, our church home away from home (where home is these days I don't exactly know), we will depart on an approximately 5 hour journey to Wycliffe North Central in West Chicago IL where we will spend July 20 - 31.  Those days we will spend in the LBT office at a prefield session called PREPARE (which means Partnership Resource Equipping & Pre Assignment Readiness Event)  We hope to have a clearer sense of direction regarding specificis of our assignment after this event as ...

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By Rich Rudowske on 7/9/2008 6:31 AM


Several years ago, my sisters started keeping track of 'dadisms' - that is, certain things that our dad always said - from the threats that all parents make to keep children line (you will do it with or without a spanking) to things that basically make no sense (listen, listen, listen).  Our dad has quite a repoirtoire of dadisms, and although I always have a nagging suspicion that someday my own kids will have a collection of my sayings (they've already started), I enjoy participating in a good laugh on the old man with the dadisms.  One of our favorite ones growing up was how he would explain to people how to say our last name 'Rudowske'.  He would always say, "picture a red key for your house OR a key for your red house - a RED HOUSE KEY.& ...

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Back in the Gateway City
By Rich Rudowske on 7/2/2008 2:20 AM

We made it to St Louis about 8PM Monday evening and got the little truck unloaded in a jiffy.  We are still unburying from boxes but feeling pretty good.  We need to have a very productive day tomorrow before we leave for a long weekend with our families in Michigan.  Not much else to report.  The kids have already all made friends and are doing very well. 

Off to Ted Drewes' for some Route 66 frozen custard!

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Leaving Texas
By Rich Rudowske on 6/30/2008 4:18 AM


We spent today (Sunday 6/29) at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Glenpool Oklahoma (near Tulsa).  It was quite an adventure getting here.  We planned to tow a trailer with our van like we did when we moved to Texas, but when I got home Friday evening just after 5, coolant started spewing from the radiator of the purple people mover.  Of course no mechanic was available on Friday.  With some help from an old retired missionary named Dick Bergman I acquired a new radiator at Auto Zone and then early on Saturday morning drove to the Mexican part of Grand Prairie where I found a mechanic that Dick recommended.  None of the people I encountered could speak English but thankfully I showed him the radiator I had bought and he figured out why I was there.

We then exchanged the trailer for a small truck to move in.  Dick was concerned about the strain that towing would put on the transmission in the 100 degree ...

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Kudos to Nurse Maya!
By Rich Rudowske on 6/25/2008 3:36 PM

Just wanted to let everyone know that while she's not really a nurse, Maya finished up the coursework for her Primary Health Care class already yesterday evening (she's the first done!) and has already been commended by the nurses teaching the class for her insight and skill in the diagnoses she has determined on the case studies as well as her work on the hands on parts of the class.  Members of her class gave each other shots on the first day of class - inserted hydration tubes, stiched up chickens, etc. etc.  We have some, uh, interesting pictures and video that we will be uploading to the website in the next few weeks to show you a little about what they've been working on. 

Anyways, I'm real proud of Maya - she's done a great job!  I'm even more glad to have her available in the evenings again so we can finish packing and moving. 

In other news - I had my last Sunday at Faith Lutheran in Grand Prairie TX.&nb ...

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Next . . . ?
By Rich Rudowske on 6/9/2008 9:56 PM

Well, today we packed some which was lots of fun and um well that's pretty much the plan for the next three weeks.  That and get some more PD dates scheduled for the fall.  The kids are all home from school.  I am already working with Christopher and Katherine on some of their coursework but it is light (about an hour and a half per day).  Maya has developed an absolutely dynamite schedule to keep us all on track and with some sense of routine, (since without it we go haywire, including yours truly).  Pray for us to be productive this week as Maya starts her primary health care class next week (it is 8-5, M-F for the last two weeks we are here plus homework)  Additionally we have VBS at our church starting next week in the evenings (yours truly is teaching memory verses with rhythm and motion - showing how desparate they were to find someone to do that). 

So the time will fly by and before we know it we'll be trekking ...

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All Done
By Rich Rudowske on 6/5/2008 4:58 PM

I am sitting in the last ten minutes of my last class at GIAL for now.  Based on some conversations I will be having a little bit later today I have somewhere between 1-4 courses left to finish a MA in Applied Linguistics  here.  If it is a lower number, there is a chance we will wrap that up next spring before heading to the field.  More conversations to be had with the office at LBT to decide that as well. 

In the meantime we have three weeks to pack up and reset our furnished house back to the way it was when we got here.  Maya will be taking a Primary Health Care class the last two weeks of those three.  I will be spending time writing sermons and contacting pastors too.  Additionally we have VBS at our church in a couple of weeks.  So, we're staying busy, certainly not on vacation by any means.

But it does feel good to be done with coursework for now.  A year ago I ha ...

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Rangers Baseball!
By Rich Rudowske on 6/3/2008 6:01 PM

 Last Saturday evening the Rudowske family went with a group from our church to Lutheran Night at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington for a little Major League Baseball!  It was quite fun and we actually lasted all nine innings plus a fireworks display with all five kids AND (believe it or not) we actually had a fun time!  (As opposed to most times in the past where everyone wants to leave by the 4th inning).  We had the requisite cotton candy, peanuts, and dippin' dots that the kiddos have come to expect.  The Rangers let fans bring in food and plastic bottle drinks in soft side coolers, so we were able to enjoy the good life without paying like it.  In the midst of  a ...

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Life by faith or by fact?
By Rich Rudowske on 5/24/2008 5:03 PM

Recently, a friend of mine from Tanzania in East Africa said this to me:  "I have noticed that in America most people don't live by faith.  They live by fact.  They say if you have this and this than you can do this, but if you have this and don't have this than you can't do this.  We live by faith.  We say I have this but I don't have this but God wants me to do this, so he will provide what I need.  That is faith." 

So how does that square with what you believe?  Recently some friends of mine and I were sifting through scripture about money for a presentation on funding that we were doing for one of our classes.  Someone brought up the passage in Luke 14 where Jesus says, "suppose someone wants to build a tower, will he first not count the cost to see if he has enough?"  We got into a discussion about this passage which is often applied as "don't ...

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